Blueberries leave bruises on the skin

In the dance theater performance Blueberries leave bruises on the skin, three characters arrive at a place where they must rediscover themselves and others. In a colorful collection of attempts, they try to cope with the roles that are expected of them. The question that becomes increasingly pressing is this: how much of yourself do you give up in order to meet those expectations? Blueberries leave bruises on the skin is a parade of possible answers to the question of how constructible you are, a celebration of human insecurity and hubris, an ode to searching.

Blueberries leave bruises on the skin is a trilingual (Dutch, English, French) dance theater performance for everyone aged 16 and up. We offer schools that want to come and watch the show an educational package that they can use in class in the period before the performance.


SEASON 2022/2023
Zuidpool, Antwerpen
CC Brasschaat, Brasschaat
SEASON 2023/2024
CC Muze, Heusden-Zolder
CC Casino, Houthalen-Helchteren
GC De Zinnen, Anzegem (for schools)
CC Gasthuis, Aarschot
Schouwburg Noord, Merksem
De Singel, Antwerp (canceled due to problems in renovating the building)


Astrid De Haes (1996) started dancing when she was six and brought along a big interest in movement and the body. She graduated from autonomous design at the School of Arts Ghent with the pre-study for her performance Untitled 1. This creation with four dancers, five musicians and the music of Abel Ghekiere was selected for the 2021 edition of Antwerp's new creator festival Love at first Sight. In 2021 Astrid also made, together with and for Pierre Bastin, the dance solo After All, which was shown in mobile open-air theater De Carrousel in Antwerp.

Mona Thijs (1999) completed the master's degree in writing, performance and media and the educational master's degree in Drama at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. Short stories of hers appeared in the literary magazine DW B and columns in De Standaard and Klasse. Under the wings of theater workplace HETGEVOLG in Turnhout, she coached a music theater program for foreign-language newcomers together with musician Elias Durnez. She also realized Playlist van de pluk, a multilingual radio series in which she worked with the music, stories and languages of seasonal workers in the Haspengouw fruit harvest. Currently, Mona is working on her debut novel.


concept and direction

Astrid De Haes

Mona Thijs


Melody Van Gompel

Anna Tierney

Kaat De Bakker

sound design

Orlan Ghekiere

costume design

Eli Verkeyn

light design

Dominique Pollet


Jenne Van Daele

tour technique

Ruben Wolfs

text coach

Peggy De Landtsheer

educational contribution

Gideon Hakker

Mona Thijs


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